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Kirovsky BioKhimZavod, Ltd. (biochemical plant) is preparing to introduction of new technology of production of tetrahydrofuran, a substance, which is already called one of the basic components for production of hi-tech products. It is used at graphene production. One of the key substances participating in the reaction is tetrahydrofuran which has become in demand in international market. But there is an obstacle here: such tetrahydrofuran is unstable as chemists consider. It is furfuryl basis that is required to make the solution stable. The plant has all necessary capacities: special equipment for carrying out furfuryl alcohol hydrogenation which is used now to produce furfural. It is possible to produce the substance which is demanded both by science and market in a complete cycle at Kirov plant. Negotiations are being conducted in this direction with the U.S side.


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