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Kirovsky BioKhimZavod, Ltd. (biochemical plant) carries out an active work on creation of biomethane on the basis of carbon dioxide hydrogenation generated under yeast fermentation. This technology allows to get "green gas". BioKhimZavod, Ltd. in association with the Russian Scientific Center "Applied chemistry" (St.Petersburg) are practicing the technology of acquisition of "green gas" and in near future it will be able to get 4 million м3 of this fuel.

BioKhimZavod, Ltd. has a hydrogenation facility including a production of hydrogen with a capacity of 37,5 kb м3 per day, and also special equipment required for acquisition of hydrocarbons, including biomethane. The plant independently provides a processing of carbon dioxid which is formed at ethanol production and at lignin burning in a plant boiler-house.

80 % of carbon dioxide is generated in the course of work of internal combustion engines of motor transport and it is really a global problem of automobile industry. A development of carbon dioxide hydrogenation technology is to solve this problem.

BioKhimZavod, Ltd. is prepared for industrial production of carbon dioxide (СО2) and carbon monoxide (CO) emitted by thermal power stations and formed at burning of oil, gas and coal, and biological hydrocarbons generated in the course of of work of internal combustion engines.

Acquisition of "green gas" (methane) on the basis of carbon dioxide hydrogenation, reduction of emissions of CO and СО2 from motor transport and industrial enterprises.

It is planned to involve the following organazations and individuals as co-participants of the activities: State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training St. Petersburg State Technological University», Federal State Unitary Enterprise the Russian Scientific Center "Applied chemistry", JSC "Kriogenmash", International Center of Research and Development Projects, Ltd., State Educational Institution of Higher Professional Training Vyatka State University and Baklanova Yuliya Olegovna, Ph.D. in Economics, a director of the International Center of Research and Development Projects.

It is not planned to increase a manning level.

Current financial status of the enterprise can be estimated as stable. Cost of fixed assets of the enterprise amounts to 23 billion roubles, current assets amounts to 250 million roubles. On a permanent basis the enterprise updates all its fixed assets. For example, in summer 2008 it spent 80 million roubles of its own resouses for updating, in 2009-2010 it started installation of a steam turbine with a value of 160 million roubles, which will allow to save electric energy consumption.

In accordance with the task assigned, a development of the technological process using СO2 and Н2 will be conducted in a direction of methanol acquisition. It implies a development of catalysts’ formulation, an organization of mass industrial production, a development of a reactor’s design and a determination of performance parameters in the reactor such as temperature, pressure and ratio of precursor.

Activities on the project also include a construction of a workshop for acquisition of liquid carbon dioxide СО2, start-up of hydrogen production using the method of water electrolysis and a construction of a workshop for methane production.

Name of activity


Cost, thousand roubles


1.      The pre-investment stage (02.2011-04.2011, stage cost – 3 million roubles)

1.  Development of a formulation and a technology of  catalyst acquisition

01.02.2011 30.02.2011


Report on  preliminary studies of prototype models of a catalyst


2.   Development of a process of CO2 hydrogenation  in a model reactor

01.02.2011 30.03.2011


Test report of a catalyst in the reactor


3.   Analysis of results and techno-economic evaluation of the proposed technology


01.04.2011 30.04.2011


Report on the research work

4.   Marketing research and segmentation of biomethane  consumers


01.04.2011 30.04.2011


Segmentation of consumers, report on marketing research

5.   Designing of a development strategy of BioKhimZavod, Ltd.

01.04.2011 30.04.2011


Strategic maps, key performance efficiency indicators

6.  Development of a portfolio of  the enterprise projects

01.04.2011 30.04.2011


Portfolio of projects of BioKhimZavod, Ltd.

2.      The investment stage (05.2011-10.2011, stage cost – 72 million roubles)

1. Purchase, installation of new equipment

01.05.2011 31.08.2011

48 000

Equipment in place

2.  Personnel training

01.08.2011 31.08.2011


Regulations of the personnel actions on work places

3.  Production technology development

01.09.2011 31.10.2011

15 000

The adjusted production technology

4.  Organization of interrelations between the enterprise and CO2  suppliers

01.05.2011 30.09.2011

3 900

The base of interrelations of suppliers

5. Management of a supply chain and store

01.05.2011 30.09.2011

4 000

Logistic bases

  1. The operational stage (11.2011-12.2011, stage cost – 7 million roubles)

1. Start up on a full power capacity

01.11.2011 30.11.2011

3 000

Start up of operation

2. Development of a plan of distribution network establishment

01.11.2011 31.12.2011

2 000

Regional collectors of CO2

3.  Development of a plan of technology replication to other regions of the Russian Federations

01.11.2011 31.12.2011

2 000

Regional centers of CO2 processing



82 000




Adress: 53a Luganskaya st., Kirov, 610044, Russia
tel.: (8332) 53-05-70, 53-86-43, 53-92-64