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International Conference

in the session “Production of biofuels and energy from organic waste”

Our state has defined the main goal to provide high standards of living to the present and coming generations. To achieve this goal, we will have to work hard in order to build in Russia a sustainable and competitive economy integrated into the global economic system. It is obvious, that no success can be achieved in this regard without efficient management of waste which makes it possible not only to minimize negative impacts on the nature and human health but also to drastically decrease the consumption of non-renewable material and energy resources conserving them for the generations to come.

From an unprejudiced perspective, Russia has yet nothing to boast of in this sphere. Unlike many other nations, Nature generously bestowed various resources on our country, which fact significantly influenced the formation of the irrational model of resource consumption here. However, this model of irresponsible attitude to the heaven-given wealth must for good be left in the past.

Raising the energy and environmental efficiency of the Russian economy is the priority state task set by President of the Russian Federation. The fulfillment of this task will ensure the stability not only of our country’s economy, but also of those countries which rely on the Russian natural resources for their economic development.

The nature has no boundaries while environmental and energy-related problems have a global dimension. That’s why they must be dealt with by cooperative effort of all countries of the world for the sake of the entire planet.

Kirov BioChemical Plant bore its share in the International Conference “Waste to Business Solutions” in the session “Production of biofuels and energy from organic waste” devoted to the discussion of effective practices in waste management and use of waste as a renewable source of energy. Andrey Gordin, Technical Director of “BioChemical Plant” Ltd. spoke about reduction of negative impact on the environment from emissions from the incineration of fossil fuels by hydrogenation of carbon dioxide.


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