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The turbine is ready for working.

The Kirov Biochemical plant has developed the unique technology of getting the green energy. This 5mgw soon building turbine will be the reason to name our region the leader of energy effectiveness. More over , to give the region the status of being the first subject of Russia , where the technology of getting green energy is used.

The turbine is ready for working. No doubt, the using of such kind of energy is the way of progress. It’s not a fantasy but real facts. As, as it has been already marked, joining WTO the need in such technologies will increase .

Will the wastes be benefits?

Ecological energy strategy of the plant includes four stages of using wood wastes for energetic aims: The first stage. Extraction of sugar from sawdust and getting biofuel E-85, which has been produced on the plant since 2007 , pellets, stern protein, furfural.

The second stage. After finishing the process of wastes hydrolysis the second level wastes are formed-hylogen, it is recycled in the boiler- utilisator , what gives 5 mgw free energy. A new turbine and generator are bought and rebuilt in the plant for this purpose.

The third stage. During the utilization of the lignin carbon dioxide, the waste of the 3d level, is produced. On the plant an innovation technology of hydrogenation of carbon dioxide and receiving marsh-gas was developed. The hydrogen which is necessary for utilization of carbon dioxide is produced in industrial values by water electrolysis method.

The 4th stage. Bioactive mud goes to the treating buildings where produced ecologically pure biogas- marsh-gas, using which in generating units is another method of getting energy.

As a result we have the cycled system of utilization with 100% of getting energy. This scheme we can compare with the ecologically pure rotation of substances in nature. So , Kirov region can become a supportive region in the process of developing smaller energetics. It will give powerful effect for energy system of the country by significant economy from fuel energy recourses that can’t be used again.


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