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The international year of forests

At 20 December 2006 the UN General Assembly decided to declare 2011 the International Year of Forests (resolution 61/193), recognizing that forests and sustainable development, poverty eradication and the achievement of internationally agreed development goals. International Year of Forests provides the unique opportunity to draw public attention to problems specific to forests in many countries. International Year of Forests provides the opportunity to combine the experience and create the incentive for more the world in activities related to forests.

The UN General Assembly gave the recommendations, recognizing, the need to encourage the practice of management of all types of forests at all levels:

Calls on UN member states to promote awareness about the problems and successful examples of activities related to sustainable forest management at national level;

Calls upon Governments, relevant regional and international organizations, and major groups to support activities related to the Year;

Assist to ensure the Year was seen not as the isolated event but as a part of the continuous process of advocacy and partnerships to raise awareness and ensure the transition to the system of the sustainable forest management at all levels;

The Opening Ceremony og the Year was held in New York 2 February 2011. The Deputy Head of Federal forest agency A. V. Panfilov reported that the Russian Government made the special direction and validated the Plan of Events of the International Year of Forests. It has been noted that the Year must be special for Russia which has the fifth of all the world’s forests.

Recent advances in science and technology provide numerous opportunities for research and study of applications of new knowledge in forestry of the Russian Federation. Advances of forest industry in the reforestation, timber harvesting and processing technologies demonstrate the susceptibility of the industry for innovation and high technology.


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