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In Russia there is a high potential of a biotechnological science.

Prognosticated growth of number of people on the earth to extremity XXI of a century (to 15 billion) will demand substantial growth of foodstuff of a vegetative and animal parentage (Harchenko P. N., 2010).

In particular, the requirement for pure water will increase in tens times. Already today water consumption approaches 50 thousand km3 in a year and, basically, underground waters. To count on natural process of restoration of quality of water it is not necessary, since its periodicity for underground waters makes hundreds years. The area of the Earth will essentially decrease untouched a civilization. The bionomics will suffer and mutual relations micro- and macroorganisms will become complicated. There will be new diseases, will amplify infection pathogenic agents, and there will be mutagen changes in a sharing cell. Resistance of an organism of an animal, the person and efficiency of preventive biological preparations thus will decrease. The decision of the problems bound to maintenance of foodstuff and protein of deficiency, pollution of water and an earth surface, depression of development of oxygen, it is possible to solve only by means of a modern science – biotechnology. In Russia there is a high potential of a biotechnological science. At Kirov BioChemicalPlant workings out of biotechnologies of the new generation providing high quality of received production, resource-saving ecological safety and competitiveness are conducted. Innovation technologies and reception of new products it is conducted with use ecologically safe biological object – plants, animals and microorganisms. With the state support and complex measures on restoration and development of the biological industry probably in the near future to solve global problems XXI of a century.


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