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Biotechnology: State of the Art and Prospects of Development

March 21-24, 2011


Kirov BioChemPlant was participated at VI Moscow International Congress «Biotechnology: State of the Art and Prospects of Development» and IX International Specialized Exhibition «Biotech World’ 2011» on March 21-24, 2011.

The VI-th Moscow International Congress successfully took place, during 4 days of which were spoken over 290 speakers, and the total number of the participants exceeded 3000 persons. 50 events were conducted including the competition of the young scientist biotechnologists which is very popular.

The Moscow International Congress took place on the high organizational and scientific and technical level where took part the representatives of the 29 regions of Russia and of 22 countries of the world.

In the annual plans of the exhibition and fair and congress events which are took place in Moscow, regions of Russia and abroad, the Moscow International Congress is positioned as the most significant events along with International forum “High Tech – XXI century” and International Aircraft and Space Show (IASS) and is the information and image support of the scientific and technical and industrial policy of the Government of Moscow in the field of biotechnology.

The IXth International Specialized Exhibition “Biotech World – 2011” was represented one of the most significant profile exhibitions in the field of biotechnology in the Russian Federation. The exhibition showed: processes and devices for biotechnological productions and laboratory researches, wide range of biological preparations for pharmaceutical, food industry, agricultural sector and also biological agents for geology, environmental protection and recovery, bioactive additives, test-systems to determine alcohol and drugs; enzymatic processes, alternative energy sources, nano-molecular energy converters, specialized devices of the industrial and laboratory safety.

The main purpose of the event was the organization of the business contacts between the developers of the new technologies, manufacturers and investors, manufacturers of the biotechnological products, their suppliers and consumers.

Kirov BioChemPlant had the possibility to demonstrate their products participating in the competition as for the best products, to take part in the congress “Biotechnology: condition and development prospects” and “circular table” of the representatives of the business communities and venture funds of Russia, in the presentation of the innovation projects, discussion of the investments possibilities.

Taking into account the fact that biotechnology is a priority area of scientific and technical progress that uses biological processes and objects to deliver a task-oriented impact on the environment and man, the BioChemPlant did some public speaking concerning this issue.

The organizers are Government of Moscow, Russian Academy of Sciences, Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation; Ministry of Science and Education the Russian Federation; Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation; Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation; Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation; Russian Academy of Medical Sciences; Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences; Chamber of Trade and Commerce of the Russian Federation; Russian Union of Chemists; JSC Expo-Biochim-Technologies.

As for the Subject of the Exhibition is the entire spectrum of biological products for pharmaceutical, food and agricultural industries, veterinary medicine, geology and industrial enterprises. Biological products for environment protection and recovery. Industrial and laboratory safety. Bioactive additives. Biological substances for medicine and cosmetics and ready products on its basis. Raw materials for manufacture of biological products, culture mediums. Processes and appliances for biotechnological industry and laboratory research, industrial and laboratory equipment. Biological catalysis. Investment and innovative projects, etc.

For the contest for the best production represented at the exhibition our samples of the production were rewarded with diplomas.

Together with foreign companies, there were succesfully represented the latest achievements of the Kirov BioChemPlant.

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