• Ethyl Alcohol

    Ethyl Alcohol Rectificated Technical (GOST 18300-87 С2Н5ОН molecular mass 46,5)
  • Biofuel

    Fuel ethanolas additive for motocars

Future projects


The leaders in utilization of waste wood

BioChemPlant, a leader-plant in utilization of waste wood, realizes a deep recycling of wood and all waste products of a woody complex with production of ethanol fuel and thereby improves environmental situation.

We pay investors’ attention to the following projects:

  • Production of carbon dioxide.
  • Production of hydrogen.
  • Production of ethanol.

A new specimen for agriculture will be produced in Kirov.

Scientific and technical center “Lekbiotech” (Moscow), Kirov BioChemical Plant Ltd. And “Vostok” Ltd have prepared a combined project for creating a new specimen for increasing the nourishing value of the fodder.

On the 30th of November Russian scientist-biotechnologists, the director STC “Lekbiotech” (Moscow,the former institute of Biotechnology) Galina Borisovna Bravova and the leading specialist Emilia Vladimirovna Udalova visited Kirov BioChemical Plant Ltd. And “Vostok” Ltd Within the renewal of the connection between science and production Moscow biotechnologists and representatives of Kirov factories have had negotiations about the creation of a combined project for producing high quality composition ferment specimen of a new generation for increasing the nourishing value of the fodder, containing plant protein source.

The development and beginning of new specimen producing directed to import will allow to expand the resource base of fodder producing due to effective use of our inner raw material, to reduce the lack of fodder protein and the dependence of its import.

Э we returned to the cooperation with this institute as a lot of years of collaboration link us/ This institute has developed a lot of specimens produced”, explained the director of “Vostok” Ltd Dmitrii Nikolaevich Panteleev.

As Dmitrii Nikolaevich told , today two thirds of Russian market are occupied by the out traders. “ Today the market , the main part of which is agriculture representatives, demands high effective specimens. New specimens, which we spoke about before, can create concurrence to out makers, and one of them is unique. That’s why we actively take part in this project, understanding that this is our future”


Kirov biochemists’ innovatory project

The rank of “the leader of biochemical industry” Kirov “BioChemPlant” has gained for a long time and legally. During a quarter of a century the plant successfully deals with solving the environmental problems of the region. All this time specialists of the plant have developed and realized some important innovations, which have won the recognition not only in Kirov region, but also federally. “BioChemPlant” Co., Ltd. is the only plant in Russia for today actually producing ethanol from nonedible raw material. Effective reprocessing of raw waste lumber, production of ecologically clean fuel pellets, production of bioethanol from nonedible raw material are the small part of the actual developments, belonging to BioChemPlant. And today another new idea is realized at the plant – production of biofuel with the use of carbon-dioxide.

Chief Executive Officer of “BioChemPlant” Co., Ltd. Dmitry Panteleev considers that this project satisfies world tendencies in the best way.

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Kirov “BioChemPlant”

A new conception of Kirov BioChemical Plant is «Reduction of negative impact on the environment from emissions from the incineration of fossil fuels by hydrogenation of carbon dioxide»



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